By Erin Thorpe

With our upcoming Forum this weekend, TREnDS President, Shannon Joseph, was interviewed by Salt and Light Television.

The program gave an excellent overview of what TREnDS is all about, explaining our mission, programs, events, and what we wish to accomplish. In the interview, Shannon explained that our hope as TREnDS is to change the way that young women think about fashion. Our goal is for girls to treat fashion as a way to portray who they are, their personal uniqueness, and their true beauty.

Shannon stated on the show, “Fashion is about communicating who you are…There’s more to you than your sexuality.” As our current media and fashion trends seem to promote more skin and cleavage, there needs to be a counter cultural movement to dress in a way that protects our body’s privacy and value.

TREnDS is about teaching girls that their self worth comes from inside themselves and should not dictated by the media and current culture. The way that we dress must communicate who we want to be as bright, beautiful, and capable women.