By: Andrea Fascione

Mindy Kaling is a feisty, fashion-forward comedian whose TV show has just been renewed for a much-anticipated 4th season. And we Mindy fans are waiting with bated breath for the exciting conclusion to the last episode cliffhanger which took us to India!

For those of you who don’t know Mindy’s character, briefly, she plays a young, fun-loving gynecologist in a New York practice of like-minded doctors who all seem to get themselves into trouble as a result of their geeky, loveable awkwardness. In other words, hilarity ensues during each short and – lately – riveting episode.

But no matter what misunderstanding or less than desirable situation she is involved in, Mindy is always dressed her best. Daring to be noticed in her wildly colourful, uniquely-paired ensembles, this comedian and actress begs the question “Ex-squeeze me?” at times. But if she weren’t so colourfully-dressed, her charming and endearing personality would simply take over. Her appeal is that she is real: a real woman with real curves who knows how to dress for her shape.

Making Twitter headlines, she recently defended herself against the fashion site that tweeted scathing remarks about an outfit she was wearing: “Mindy Kaling is one of those ‘women of the people’ types who basics find so hilars.” Ever the witty woman who is quick on her feet, it took no time at all for her to retaliate. Basic? This smart, beautiful and talented actress-turned-author is anything but.

We are excited to read her new book of personal essays after her first publication Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? got rave reviews. So stay tuned for Why Not Me? which comes out September 29 and of course, season 4 of the Mindy Project, which will also be airing this fall.