By: Andrea Frascione

Having just announced her candidacy for the US presidency, it’s easy to forget just how far Hillary Clinton come since her supporting role in her husband’s administration, and what exciting changes could potentially be in store for Americans – and their neighbours to the North – in 2016.

A self-professed “professional woman AND hostess; feminist AND traditionalist,”1 Clinton is an actively involved mom, just as much as she is involved in the welfare of her country’s citizens. In her 1996 book, It Takes a Village, she presents her vision for the children of America. Focusing on the impact individuals and groups outside the family have, for better or worse, on a child’s well-being, and advocating for a society that meets all of a child’s needs.

And despite all the obstacles she has faced in any number of issue arenas, she remains for all women an example of strength through decorum; achievement through perseverance; and respect through forgiveness.

Over the years, Clinton’s style has evolved with the times, being second only to the Queen of England for sporting such daring, eye-popping, brightly coloured suits on camera. In vivid pinks, deep reds and regal blues, she was always the portrait of the tailored lawyer – but with a twist. Ok, so the headbands could have been cast aside but still…no one has ever caught anything less than an impeccable front page picture of this former First Lady.

Now, in her late 60s, she is still radiant in her simple yet flattering outfits, updated hairstyle in that signature blonde which now – a testament to her years – is unabashedly tinted with grey. Her natural makeup choices have helped her tremendously in growing her credibility in the public eye, having been compared to the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Jackie Kennedy.

Whatever your political stripes, you must admit that style wise this ‘politica’ has still got it going on!

Clinton’s most recently-published work is entitled Hard Choices and speaks to just that – overcoming the struggles to get ahead as a woman, mother, lawyer, politician and wife to arguably, the most controversial President the US has ever known.