By: Shannon Joseph

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing images and stories from the recent TREnDS Fashion Forum that took place on Saturday May 23rd at the Toronto Sheraton Centre. It is the biggest event we have ever hosted. There were close to 150 participants, including many teens, who came from the greater Toronto area, as well as Ottawa, and even Montreal. They attended in insightful workshops on making a first impression and living active lifestyles and fun practical sessions on hair, skin care and make up.

Many were blown away by our fantastic keynote speaker Dr. Karyn Gordon, who spoke about three strategies for building self-esteem. She shared her own compelling individual story about how a transformation of attitute – from blaming others to empowerment; from struggling alone to seeking help; and from letting things happen to creating a plan to make them happen – can take your life in a new and better direction. My favorite line was that confidence start on the inside, changing how you look and never be a substitute for cultivating an interior of healthy love of self. Great words to live by!

The video below developed by a 16 year old member of TREnDS was part of the forum kick-off and it is amazing. Have a look: