By: Vivian Cabrera

Fashion and modesty aren’t two terms that you usually find paired together. Well they might be, but most likely they’d be termed as opposites. However, when a rare gem of a person pops up and coins them as complementary and, in fact necessary, well what more do you need!?

Who is this fantastic person? Adi Heyman – a young Jewish woman, wife and mother.

How did she do it? She created Fabologie – a fashion and lifestyle blog that combines Jewish concepts of modesty with high fashion. Yes, you heard correctly: modesty and high fashion!

I read about this remarkable woman in The Times of Israel. As soon as I began to read the article, I was hooked. I couldn’t help but admire Adi. Modesty is such a taboo in modern culture. But here is Adi, explaining modesty in such a beautiful and relevant way. She says (in the article),

“Modesty begins on the inside and is reflected on the outside…It is not about season or trend, but rather a mindset, a belief, and a steadfast devotion. Modesty is a gift.”

A gift. How many people truly see modesty as a gift? I wanted to know more!

Immediately after finishing the article, I had to check out Adi’s blog and my admiration for her grew. I scoured the site and within it found a devout woman who loved bringing out the best in herself without compromising her beliefs. In fact, her faith in the Jewish tradition was an inherent part of her and she effortlessly combined both of her passions into a thriving virtual lifestyle hub.

Through Fabologie, Adi is encouraging us all to think about what we wear. Clothing isn’t just something we wear so we don’t walk around naked. It is a means of expressing our inner-most self, a unique, valuable and unrepeatable member of society. And you don’t have to be Jewish or religious at all to feel this way either. Modesty is about communicating both beauty and depth; there is more to your beauty than what people can see. If you want to portray yourself as woman of value, strength, intelligence or whatever you want to be, then modesty is for you. If you want people to see you as a person, before anything else, then modesty is for you. Adi is simply helping us see that modesty doesn’t have to oppose style and sophistication.

If there was one thing to take away from learning more about Adi Heyman, it would to be not afraid of who you truly are. If you think that our culture will not accept you because you dress differently or see things in a different way, you are mistaken. You have to take your dreams, your passions and use them in a way that will make you the best possible version of yourself. You could even be the next Adi and inspire a whole new generation of young women tobe themselves. And this world needs just that – fearless women who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo.