By: Vivian Cabrera

It’s been a couple of weeks since the success of the TRENDS Fashion Forum and no doubt many of you are excited to put into practice all the great skills and ideas that you encountered in various workshops. What if you don’t remember all of the details? Or weren’t able to attend certain sessions? Well, good news! This is a recap of the great content you may have missed at the ‘Be The Movement’ social sedia session of the Forum.

First off, let me tell you about the goal behind the Be The Movement session. I wanted to help YOU learn how to promote a positive image of beauty and encourage your fellow sisters in your life to be their true beautiful self, flaws and all! Everyone was made unique and we need to embrace that. We need to remember the value of each of our voices to tell the world that it is ok that we aren’t all the same. We can be the change we wish to see in the world.

In the session, I showed a series of videos featuring people who said ‘enough’ with the negative messages and actually did something about it.

The first example was the Tree Change Dolls movement. A lady in Australia decided to upcycle old and second-hand Bratz dolls. She takes off all their extreme make-up, redoes their facial features and, with the help of her mom, makes normal, beautiful looking dolls. It’s as simple as that! Check out the video below:

What I found most striking about this video is the simplicity of the message and the way it skyrocketed! This lady, the mother of a young daughter, decided she was going to send her own message about beauty by using her talents to transform these dolls. And the reaction from the world was positive – she has more orders than she can fill! There was an unmet need out there for normal looking dolls that normal girls can play with. Hopefully, the girls who play with them will grow up with a less skewed vision of beauty. A vision of beauty that is bigger that what the Bratz dolls portray.

If we’re to take just one thing away from this video it would be that if you have concerns about the messages send by a certain product or store – you are probably not alone. Taking action and being the change will give others a way to take positive action. It’s our responsibility to try and take action when we can because each person helps to build society, shape the messages and products that are out there. We aren’t spectators, so we shouldn’t act like spectators!

Stay tuned for more from the Be The Movement social media session.