By: Juliana De Martin

TREnDS recently hosted an event in North York at Hawthorn School, with guest speaker Lula Kiah founder of, “Style Innovators,” an image consulting firm located in Denver, New York , and Chicago.

Lula traveled from New York to give a workshop on the anthropology of fashion. She spoke about the responsibility that young women have today to set the standards high for new fashion styles and trends. We can do this by dressing with dignity and modesty. She mentioned a group of girls in Rio de Janeiro where, after she gave a work shop, went to a local bathing suit boutique and started asking the owner if she had any swimsuits. She replied no, and that she only carried bikinis. But after the girls came enough times to the boutique and kept asking for swimsuits, she finally brought some in. This story is a perfect example of the difference we could make if we only tried and spoke up. We don’t need to give into society and wear what designers decide to put on the market. We should be the ones telling them what we want to wear as teens with dignity and respect.

Lula also talked about different body shapes and what looks good on different individuals, taking into consideration length, colours, fabrics, and shapes of different articles of clothing and accessories. After her presentation, she then did a demonstration of how to find out what your own personal colours are and how to find out what kind of body shape and size you have, which then tells you what sorts of things will compliment your body the best.

I really enjoyed myself, and it inspired me to stay strong and not feel like I have to give in to society’s standards; I should set my own. I encourage everyone to take initiative of what you wear and think about the things you buy; is this something I like and that suits me, or just the same thing that everyone else is wearing?

Visit Lula Kiah’s website by clicking on the link below: