By: Ulrika Drevniok

As promised, here is the second part of my exploration of Australian Fashion! In the last episode we looked at two stores Supre and Country Road to see how they were comparable to Canadian outlets. In this second edition, we will look at three other Aussie stores: Sportsgirl, Portmans and Dotti. All of them have interesting looks across a different fashion personalities (classic, sporty, contemporary, etc.) and have a pretty good Canadian equivalent.

Sportsgirl = Garage 

Catering to a younger demographic, Sportsgirl and Garage have a lot in common. Sportsgirl was founded in Melbourne and Garage was founded in Montreal. I already think these two cities are long-lost twins, so I’m pretty sure that makes my case air-tight.

Portmans = Banana Republic 

If this was early 2014, I would be comparing Portmans to my beloved Jacob (sniff! I will miss you forever!), but because we’ve lost that Canadian fashion great, I will compare Portmans to Banana Republic. So, maybe you don’t go to Portmans to buy stuff that you’d wear on the weekends, but you definitely go to Portmans to buy something for a job interview. And, after you nail the interview, you’d go back to buy clothes for the actual job.

Dotti ( = Ardene (

Again, Dotti and Ardene are places you would go to buy a staple item you were thinking of keeping in your closet for many seasons. But, Dotti is a great place for an occasional closet update.

Well that is it! A survey of Australian and Canadian fashion compared! There is more to come so please keep on the look out for my posts from Down Under. G’day!